Goodbye Middle School :( Hello High School :)

These three years have all been a rollercoaster of sad, happy, and all around amazing times. I have had the best of teachers, and leave Moran with all the knowledge needed to enter the next four years at high school. My favorite teacher was Mr. Nuzzo, because he made class interesting with all his funny stories, jokes about Ryan Kiernan, and mixing my name up with Hilary. I also found it very easy to learn all the material he taught. The most interesting, strange, and most awesome class I have ever been in, would have to be Mr, Bogushs’ social studies class. We had lots of fun making videos, going to sturbridge, and making up really weird presentations to get the class’ attention. I probably had the most fun you can have in school in his class. However, I could never find out when he was telling the truth about a crazy story that could never happen or if he was making it all up. I will never forget the songs he sang to us on the first and second last day to school. The most memorable moment of all of middle school would have to be when my sixth grade homeroom won te tug of war contest, and Mrs. Bohlmans homeroom with a tape of “We Are The Champions.” We all sang the song, and had a little party afterward; it was a blast! At moran  have made so many friend that I will never forget, and many memories with them as well.

If the electoral college was abolished…?

What should the qualification be to vote in an election if there was no electoral college?

First of all each state has a certain number of electoral votes, depending on the population. The popular vote is what the citizens of that state vote for. Which ever candidate has the most popular vote will get the electoral votes. That is what the electoral college is most about.

You would have to have some past education. This would include four years of college. This way the voter would be reasonablysmart, and be able to pick the president wisely. If the citizen could not afford college, they would have to take a little quiz before voting to make sure they have backround information on the candidates.

Trail of Tears

This poem reads going down then you can read it going down. It is about these two people on the Trail of Tears.(They are the mom and her kid all the way to the left)

The trail where we cried
It is
Because over 4,000 died
We are Hungry and
Are tired
My child and I
Walked the trail of Tears
Slowly but surely we
Watched friends family even, starve
Struggling to get by we
Cried every step of the way
With my belonging on my back.
I had,
No longer a choice
We are relocated.
We are reaching the end of.
The Cherokees.
Is an unstoppable force against us
The only one who knows our fate is
Andrew Jackson
In the end
We all knew
There was no way to stop the government
Even if we took up their principles
We farmed like them.
We tried everything
To stay in our land
Here I am
Traveling to Oklahoma
Against my will
And we can’t stop it because I am

I Guess I’m a Strange kid

I have been  thinking a lot about what inspires me. Most people would say their parents, an actor or actress, or a famous athlete, but I have a pretty different view on this topic.

The definition of inspire to me is someone or something you aspire to be. In my life many people have an influence over me that they don’t even know about. Not just one person or thing inspires me. As my life went on I watched as people did this and that, and decided if it was right or wrong, and how exactly I would do it if i was in their shoes. These little thoughts shaped the way I think right now. Here are some of the people who inspire me: my mother, my father, my older sister, my eighth grade team teachers, Mrs. Correl(second grade teacher), Micheal Phelps, Auntie Vicky, and my grandfather.(there is more but i can’t think of them right now) All these people have certain things in their life that make me want to be like them, but also not like them. For example, my grandfather owns a successful grocery store, and makes a  lot of money. I want to make money and be successful like him(but not quite the same way). My grandfather may make money, but he isn’t the nicest person at times, and he is very stubborn.

upcycled jigsaw puzzle by weaving major & tractor dan.

^^^^^^^We are all made up of pieces of a puzzle. (some of which are the people who inspire us!)


October 17, 2029

Here is a post from the future me!

Today is my thirty forth birthday. I am a full time pediatrician. I have had much adventure in my life, from rock climbing, sky diving, and surfing. In my younger years I went to college, but didn’tsettle down yet. I traveled all over the world; to Brazil Italy, Australia, China, and Canada. At these places I observed their way of life, and learned many languages. While I lived at these places, I found jobs working at little clinics or some bigger hospitals. I studied the human body, and learned more and more as I went from place to place. When I came back to the United States, I met my husband, and we are still married for 5 years. I have our children, all boys. Their names are Matt, Kyle, Eddie, and Taylor. We all live in a house on the beach, where the sun set is absolutelygorgeous. So far my life has been full of challenges, but mostly happiness.

Crazy beach house by echoman.

^^^^My Future Home!!!

The 3R’s

Everyone who lives on this planet is going to be in serious trouble if don’t do something to prevent global warming now. We will have to start thinking more about the statement “The Three R’s.” They are reduce, reuse, recycle. They are basic things that can help our planet in the long run. I know most people think that one person can’t make a difference, but that is not true in this case. We can all make a difference with every little thing we do for the earth.

My family isn’t the greenest family, but we still try. We recycle cans, bottles, sometimes paper, and other items. In the summer, we only keep the air conditioning on when we are inside. That goes the same for the winter. I would like to be more green, so even I ca make a difference in the world’s well-being.

Here are some tips to help you and your family go GREEN:

1. take shorter showers, so you can save water and money.

2. Instead of driving somewhere, take a bike or walk. You can save gas, which in turn saves you money.

3. Instead of using bottled water, fill a reusable water bottle instead.

4. Finally, don’t throw away old electronics. You can donate them instead, where they can be used again.


How to Go Green by gogreen.savegreen.




Oregon Trail

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This map is of the Oregon trail according to Amelia Stewart Knight’s diary.
The boats represent a river that Amelia and her family passed or crossed on the way to Oregon. The wavy blue lines represent a creek that her and her family passed and in some cases were crossed on the Oregon Trail. The first walking person is the start of the Oregon trail, and the other was the Umatilla Valley. The green tent is where they camped. However, if the camped on a creek, that is represented by a fish and hook. Fort Laramie and the end of the Oregon Trail is represented by a yellow house or tent. The Blue Mountains are represented by a tree. Another point, the Independence Rock, is represented by a blue push pin. All of the lines on the map have the dates of when they were at a certain point on the trail. If you would like to view a larger version of the map, click on view larger map on the left hand side below the map.

What is Democracy?

The definition of democracy is: a form of government in which power is held  by citizens under a free electoral system. The majority rule plays a part in a democracy. All of that  means is any citizen have the same amount of power, and have the right to freedom. In a democracy everyone has equal rights.There are many forms or democracy. These include Representative, parliamentary, liberal, constitutional, direct, socialist, anarchist, Iroquois, sortition,  meconsensus, interactive, supranational, and non-governmental.